Community Feedback - Local Strategic Planning


You helped us reach the finish line!!

You, our community, have helped our staff and Board to develop this plan over the last seven months, and we are now proud to share it with you all.

You helped guide the development of the Plan by telling us what we were doing well, as well as identifying areas we could improve on. The result will guide us to meet the needs of the Central West region over the next five years.

We have looked for opportunities to align our service delivery with industry driven programs that are geared toward maintaining and improving market access, recognising global dynamics and consumer demands.

The Plan also allows us to align with the priorities and goals outlined in the State Strategic Plan, however maintaining a strong local focus to assist producers in meeting ongoing industry and sustainability challenges.

Through the implementation of the Plan, we will continue to engage with our stakeholders and look for opportunities to partner, and leverage on-ground outcomes across our region.

We hope you take this opportunity to review the Plan and let us know if it should support the needs of our region over the next five years?

  • Phase 5 - Submission to NSW Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW

    June 2021

  • Phase 4 - Public Consultation of Draft Local Strategic Plan 2021-2026

    March 2021 - April 2021

  • Phase 3 - Internal Review of Draft Plan & Public sharing of Core Service 'Plans on a Page'

    February 2021 to March 2021

  • Phase 2 - Analysis and Prioritisation

    November 2020 to February 2021

  • Phase 1- Information Gathering

    November 2020 to December 2020

Thank you for helping us reach the finish line

Our daft Local Strategic Plan is here!!!

With the help of our community, we have developed and delivered the Central West Local Land Services Draft Strategic Plan, and it’s a plan we are very proud of.

More than seven months in the making! Through a series of workshops, surveys, consultations and data analysis, we have finally culminated a plan that not only aligns with State level priorities, but also reflects the needs of the community.

The plan will move forward into it’s implementation phase, where we will continue to work with the community and broader stakeholders to ensure we meet those very needs.

Public sharing of Core Service 'Plans on a Page'

Our plans on a page are complete!!

We are excited to be able to share our plans for our Core Service Areas prior to releasing our Local Draft Strategic Plan.

These plans focus closely on the services we deliver to our customers. They also provide us with reasonable measures to ensure we are meeting expectations and fulfilling our commitment.

We welcome feedback on these plans to ensure we are on the right track!

Phase 1 - ‘Seeking community feedback – Informing programs and services’

The Central West Local Land Services (CWLLS) Board is seeking community feedback to identify what we need to focus on as a business over the next 3-5 years to ensure that our programs and services are delivering real benefit for landholders across our region.

To help us in this process we are seeking the input of our staff and our community in an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our business, and the identification of the major opportunities and threats that exist in agriculture, natural resource management, biosecurity and emergency management in the Central West region.

From this information, we will look to develop strategies that will help us to capitalise on the strengths and opportunities, and to minimise the weaknesses and threats, that are unique to CWLLS and our region.

Phases 2 & 3 - Thank you for your feedback!

In the development of the Central West Local Land Services - Local Strategic Plan 2021-2026 (the Plan), we asked you to help inform what it is we are doing well, as well as identifying those areas we can improve on. Referred to as a SWOT analysis, this process interrogates the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats of the business. This then allows us to use the common findings to develop strategies that will, in turn, form the basis of the Plan.

In keeping you up to date with the process, we wanted to let you know that we heard what you had to say and we have since incorporated your feedback into in-depth workshop sessions. Enabling us to ensure we are aligning our service requirements to what is important to you, our customers.

What's happened so far?

  • You were invited to have your say via the Engagement Hub
  • Our Staff and Board were surveyed with the same questions (SWOT analysis)
  • Data interrogation from previous customer surveys
  • SWOT analysed at a workshop with the CWLLS Board and Leadership Team
  • SWOT feedback added to and further tested in a workshop with our Community Advisory Group
  • A second workshop with the CWLLS Board and Leadership Team to develop draft strategies and Core Service Plans

What you told us?

The process has re-iterated key findings such as:

  • The strength of having skilled and relatable staff in regional locations across the Central West
  • Recognised the need to continue to provide communication and information to demonstrate who LLS is and the full range of services we provide
  • Highlighted opportunities that exist around providing whole-of-farm planning and management advice to helpmeet future sustainability challenges, including climate change, environmental, biosecurity and animal welfare
  • The need for broad stakeholder engagement to help us identify opportunities for strategic alliances with other regions, research institutions, government agencies, and industry organisations to support our local programs and service delivery.

What's next?

  • The CWLLS Board, Leadership Team and Community Advisory Group will meet in February to review and refine the draft strategies and finalise CWLLS Core Service Plans
  • Strategies and Core Services Plans will be collated to form the CWLLS Draft Local Strategic Plan 2021-2026
  • Core Service'Plans on a Page' will be shared on Engagement Hub
  • Draft Local Strategic Plan 2021-2026 will be made available for public consultation via Engagement Hub

Phase 3 - Thank you for your input!!

Our draft Local Strategic Plan is complete and we could not have done it without our wonderful Central West community!

We say Thank You, to everyone who supports the services Central West Local Land Services strive to deliver, we appreciate the time you take to attend our events, volunteer, provide constructive feedback, interact or engage in some way shape or form. You are the reason we aim to listen to what you have to say, the reason we endeavor to deliver meaningful outcomes.

Its been a wonderful process to hear different perspectives of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our business. We have worked hard to capture your thoughts and design actions that meet the needs of what is such a broad and diverse region.

Each Local Land Services region has taken the opportunity to uniquely develop their own Local Strategic Plans, all 11 will be shared for public exhibition next month. Central West chose to adopt an innovative approach that broadens the plan for our region.

We have worked with you, to develop more focused plans in relation to each of our ‘Core Service’ areas. In doing so, we were able to address what it was we heard, align these to our service delivery areas, and create measures to track the success of our commitment to meet your expectations.

We welcome you to review the plans and share your thoughts. You can do this by rating the plans via a super quick survey. We also welcome you to vote on our quick polls to show if you think we are on the right track or not!

If you would like to view the plans in detail, check out our document library here on the right-hand side panel.