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NRM Plan - Significant Species

In our new draft Natural Resource Management Plan (NRM Plan), Central West Local Land Services have identified key themes to help tackle natural resource issues across the Central West region as a whole. A key challenge is the protection of our precious significant species.

We recognise the health of our environment is under increasing strain and remain focused on implementing a collaborative approach to ensuring the protection of our significant species.

Our highly skilled and dedicated Natural Resource Management staff work hard toward ensuring on-groundwork is scientifically targeted to areas of greatest impact. Through relationships with partner agencies, these species and ecological communities have been identified using a highly effective prioritisation tool. The tool has been used to identify a combination of the top 34 flora and fauna species and Threatened Ecological Communities for priority action.

The protection of our natural and cultural assets is not possible without the commitment of our communities to understand, support, learn and act. In an effort to work together, we are seeking input to assist us select species that have been prioritised for our region and hold significant importance to our communities.

We ask that you assist us in prioritising the community values of those species that hold importance to you or your local area, and looking at whether our Priority NRM actions will assist the region in meeting its Intermediate Outcomes, in addition, please share any regional NRM actions you feel are important to you or your area.By doing so, you are sharing local values and aspirations which will help us in delivering upon the outcomes of the region together.

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Have you seen a Malleefow, a regent honeyeater or any other threatened bird species? You can help protect these species by reporting your sightings today! As an added incentive, our Spring Birdwatching Competition is back - this year we are focusing on the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater!

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Are there any other species you feel are significant to the broader Central West region?

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 Mon, 27 Sep 2021
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Do you agree or disagree that the following actions will contribute to the 5-year outcomes of:

  • Increased population viability of targeted species
  • Land managers are engaged and have increased capacity to deliver strategic NRM priorities
  • Land managers have increased resilience to adapt to changing climate and market influences
  • Customers increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable, Traditional Aboriginal land management practices

Significant Species major projects in the Central West